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If you’ll cast your mind back to our latest election, Sahib Singh was campaigning for his re-election to the BCUSU committee. Seemed like a nice enough man and his policies made sense, however he made one fatal flaw:

he wasn’t being re-elected.

His previous post was the Vice President, however this time he was making a bid for the top seat. You could possibly argue that he meant re-election to the committee, however I’m sure it wasn’t interpreted as this. This means that he has, by technicality, committed electoral fraud. This is minor compared to some of his more aggressive campaigning tactics, which have ruffled feathers around campus. Not only this, but I have also received information that Singh was working with another candidate that was struck off - Parvez Pathan. This is collusion, and incredibly amoral, not to mention illegal.

Now, he’s not the only person who’s guilty of this. We’ve noticed that this year candidates used more aggressive tactics than normal, engaging in debate with anyone who would listen and sometimes strong-arming voters. This comes after more than a few reports that some students have been pressured into voting by associates of candidates. These suspicions are confirmed by an article released by the election authorities on the union page, stating that four candidates were struck off. Sahib Singh was one of them, but to be fair to him it shows that poor candidate behaviour was a much broader issue.

In an interview, Mr Singh stated that “because there were only 5 sabbatical positions, and there were 35 candidates running for these positions...and everyone wants to win the election.” citing competition between candidates as the reason for this, going on to mention “ ...so many candidates blaming each other.” When asked about the allegations, he stated the nobody in his campaign team did anything wrong, at one point saying that “...They [the authorities] don’t have any proof.” He also stated that he did not have any contact with Parvez Pathan. This comes after a facebook post was released, containing a letter/petition that accuses BCUSU of discrimination, in blind disregard of the other BAME candidates that ran, not to mention the two that were successful.

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