Here come the police

A while ago, there was an email put out by the university along the lines of “we want you to be safe in the impending criminal apocalypse”. A nice thought, and around the time when more and more police officers have been seen around the campus. There was also a mugging on campus, down by university locks, where a student was relieved of the burden of his phone. Now maybe these fellas wanted to highlight the growing issue of phone addiction and were simply showing this student that they could live without the burden of social media, but I don’t think that this was the case. Now that the weather is getting warmer and the nights are getting shorter, we’ll start to see more and more criminal activity, of at least the email purports. I recently caught up with a local peeler on campus, and they told me that it was a growing trend that crime rates increased as the weather improves. We’d like to hear your take. Do you think that spring is going to bring a bumper crop of crims or do you think that crime happens all year round? We’d like to hear your ‘hot’ take on this, so write to us (me) at

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