High Achievers Recognition Scheme (HARS)

What is HARS?

The High Achievers Recognition Scheme is exactly what it says on the tin. It has been designed to recognise students that are achieving high within the university and the scheme provides support, extra seminars and events to keep you on track to being that high achiever. Not only this, the scheme is built in a way that it will develop you professionally and socially, giving you the confidence and skills to take away with you which results in future employers wanting you on their team!

How canI be part of HARS?

During your first year, they will assess all your grades and if you have achieved 68% or more as a whole you will receive the exciting email congratulating you and inviting you onto the scheme. *Warning* this email is not spam… like I thought haha! I never thought of myself as a high achiever, I was not academic at all before starting university, but here I am today, as a high achiever! If I can do it, so can you. Aim high. Get involved.

What will the scheme offer me as a result?

The scheme is made up of various, amazing seminars for you to take part in. These include:

1. Who are you?* Understanding self and your behaviours* Increasing self-awareness and creating your own personal brand* How to adapt behaviours and make the most of relationships with others* Identifying areas of strength for development* Personal Action Planning2. Continuous Professional Development* What is it?* What is in it for you?* Why is it so important?* How is it recorded?* Identification of areas of strength and for development3. Leadership* What is this and how does it differ from management?* The roles, responsibilities and behaviours of “the emotionally intelligent” leader* How to connect, maintain and develop quality relationships* Development of your own “leadership brand”* Identification of areas of strength and for development4. Coaching and Mentoring* Coaching and Mentoring defined* The roles, responsibilities and behaviours of the coach/mentor* Choosing your style and approach* Best practice models of coaching and mentoring* The ethics and professional standards of coaching/mentoring* Identification of areas of strength and for development5. Time Management* The skills of managing yourself and your time* How to prioritise tasks using the urgent important grid* Clarifying your objectives* Managing distractions, procrastination and time stealers* Identification of areas of strength and for development6. “Get that Job”* Writing a solid CV* Preparing for the recruitment process* How to be your “best self” at interview* Identification of areas of strength and development7. Being Resilient* What is resilience and why do we need it* Connections with emotional health* The knowledge, skills and traits of resilience* Practical steps to being resilient* Identification of areas of strength and development8. Presenting with Impact* Making nerves work for you* Successful preparation and design* Providing clear, compelling and memorable messages that stick* Building rapport with your audience* Facilitating the unexpected* Identification of areas of strength and development9. Customer Focus* The skills of building quality relationships* The importance of maintaining your professionalism* Empathy, respect and seeing situations from multiple perspectives* Adapting to the needs of the customer* How to actively listen* Engaging customers in the continuous improvement of services* Managing expectations* Keeping your promises* Identification of areas of strength and for development10. End of programme review and Evaluation* Recognition/Celebration of achievements/development* Identification of next steps* Programme review and evaluationThe scheme is fantastic; not only will you get these fantastic workshops tailored to you but you will also get a chance to apply for a scholarship! This is a selected amount of money to put towards your own personal development. I received £2,500 for mine and I am putting it towards a few goals I already had set out for myself, but I could not afford right away. This money has helped me so much in achieving those goals! Go for it!

Who is running the scheme? 

Juliette Gaunt brings in two wonderful people Jaquie Smallwood and Kevin Faulkner (external partners) who run the seminar series. They also work in partnership with graduate plus, personal development department (PDD) and the career team at the university to provide you with the best support available. I like to call them the A-Team!

Why should I sign up? It sounds like more work to me? 

Why would you miss such a fantastic opportunity like this?! It is not any more work that you are already doing. This is your own personal development to prepare you for beyond university life. You aren’t asked to complete any extra work as part of this; it is all about you and developing your skills to become your best self. It will also enable you to stand out from the crowd when it comes to the time for applying for a job. I joined the scheme because I wanted to stand out; I wanted everything the scheme is offering to me. I needed leadership skills and coaching skills and to build my confidence further, this scheme has done that for me and more!

There is also has some background work being done so that the scheme can be accessed by all Birmingham City University students and campuses.

We have a HARS brew coming to City South Campus on the 12th September 2018 11am – 14:00pm in room SCT139 if you want to come and find out more.

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