Updated: Sep 16, 2019

We all love a good bit of motorsport, don’t we? Even if cars aren’t your thing, you have to admit that the thrill of a high-speed pursuit, whether you’re watching one, partaking in one or simply playing GTA, is one of the things that’s hardwired into the human psyche. My aunt says it’s a waste of petrol (but then again she doesn’t vaccinate her children, and has many other interesting views, so what does she know?) You may or may not know this, but here at BCU we have a racing team of our own. The formula student team is currently hard at work, producing a car that will be raced around Silverstone in June as part of an Institute of Mechanical Engineering. Besides the Fyre Festival-level tent livin’ and Dom’s gourmet cookout, it’s set to be fantastic few days. In a statement, a member of the team (hello Tom!) stated that: “We are a bit behind deadline, but we did set moving deadline for this. We knew that January was going to be a problematic area because a lot of students within Formula Student don’t come in during January because it’s exam season.” He went on to state that “we are a month behind where we’d like to be, but we do have more sessions in place on Thursdays and other nights of the week for students to come along and catch up, and to makes sure that we’re on track still, so that’s where focus is at the moment.” When asked what the net profit was he responded “As for what we’d like to get out of Formula Student, It’s experience, the potential to talk to other sponsors about potential placement opportunities and job opportunities because they [companies] do use it as an event to scout for jobs especially if you’re in third year, and at the end of the day it’s the enjoyment. We’re doing this off our own backs because we want to do it, and because we want to put the effort in and have a go at designing in real-life circumstances, and hopefully we’ll do well at the event because we’re enthusiastic about it.” Hopefully it goes well, I can tell you from personal experience that the electrics are going swimmingly. Good luck! (the author would like to note that he is part of the Formula Student team, and must portray things in a positive light for fear of Gary).

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